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"Yeah, hey, no you're right Cale. Red man never took anything. Ya head down past Yucca to the Spirit Mountain and they let yoa play the slots for free!"

Johnny took a sip of soda then spat, before proffering the beverage to Caleb.

"An' if you wanna take a run at Tricia McKay I ain't gonna stand in your way. You're prolly her type, too. Tall. Unemployed. Surly. More successful older brother. Probably gonna peak in high school. Shit, you're perfect for her! Shit, maybe I thought so myself? Maybe I called ya down here to see the two of you up?"

He inhaled deeply, then tried to blow a smoke ring for emphasis. It came out a great shapeless cloud. Caleb didn't look particularly impressed, though if that were at the abortive attempt at smoke sculpting, or at his friend in general, Johnny couldn't say. Definitely lady troubles, he concluded.

"Aww, look at the suspicion on that face. So I need a reason to spend a hot minute with my oldest n' dearest friend, now?"

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