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Lili waved back. It was just a wave though, not a beckon, and the girl returned to her conversation immediately. It was not, Georgia Lee thought, an indication that she should come over, and so she stayed put.

Georgia Lee struggled in conversation, she knew this. She had trouble letting things go, and she telegraphed this somehow to her peers. The other students seemed to delight in seeing what they could get away with when talking to her, seeing how many veiled barbs or backhanded compliments they could slip into their chatter without her reacting, and the answer, always, was few. If she let people get away with that, Georgia Lee reasoned, it sent a message, and the message was that Georgia Lee wasn't worth your respect. That you could insult Georgia Lee, and she wouldn't do anything. That she didn't put value on herself, so why should you.

In theory her classmates should have learned long before now that Georgia Lee wouldn't let things slide, that you couldn't get away with needling at her. It seemed that in this though, just as in the fields of mathematics, humanities, languages and sciences, her peers were painfully slow learners. In later life, Georgia Lee was confident, her attitude would pay dividends and earn her respect, but for now at least it was hard, and it was often lonely.

So conversation was not Georgia Lee's forte, but that didn't mean she was devoid of social awareness. Lili was deep in her discussion, and didn't seem to be looking for anyone else to participate in it. This suited Georgia Lee just fine, who for her own part was sweaty and undoubtedly stinking, and didn't particularly relish the idea of introducing herself to a stranger in this state.

Instead she lay back, and looked up at the sky again. Up above her was a cloud in the shape of a whale.

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