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Rorick Skyve
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Well, hello there. Finally hit bullseye, someone actually being available, hallelujah. Aiden rose up from his seat, silently pumping his fist into the air. Looked like the tide was about to turn, so it was. From what he had experienced, Fi always meant fun, one way or another, yup. Hadn't even uttered one word yet and he was already flyin' over the moon.

"You're already helpin' just pickin' up the phone, Fi. It's Aiden. Yknow, shorty, nice ol' scar, big beak, bigger pecker. Ring a bell?"

Alright, maybe a bit heavy bustin' in like that, hammin' it up all the way from the get-go. Then again, worked before, so no reason to change it up. For all he knew, chick was into all that feisty stuff, would prolly get a chuckle or two outta her at least. Yeah, he'd stick with that, to be sure.

"Anyway, figured it was 'long time no see, no hear either', so I called. How ya doin'? Get as much joy from this weather as I do?"

Last thing was obviously sarcazzedi-casm. Like, he had made it totally obvious, right? Not like she was gonna assume he was diggin' this cat-and-dog weather, singin' in the rain, all that shit. Kinda dumb to even worry about it, really. Fi was a smart cookie, she was gonna figure, sure as shit.
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