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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Acid Rain]

Fiyori halted. She was just busy with her keyboard - trying to successfully play a certain part that had been troubling her... well, for at least a few minutes. But then she got distracted, because she could hear her phone ringing. Hm, not exactly ringing to be honest. It was vibrating. And it was doing so loud enough to count as an auditive impulse anyway.

Still, where was it? Fiyori looked away from her own fingers and looked behind her shoulder. She looked to the right, and she looked to the left and she gave the ceiling a good look too, just in case it somehow dropped upwards.

Fiyori left the chair and instead assumed a central position in the room. She looked around again. To the left, to the right and to the ceiling before her ears were sure enough to spot the sound coming from her bed.

Or rather, from under her sheets.

She lunged forwards to it, threw the sheets to the site and fetched the phone - pressing the accept button immediately.

"Fiyori Senay here, how can I help?"
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