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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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“Hi. Welcome to Barnes and Noble. How can I help y-”


Maybe it was earlier than she thought after all. Even if it was though she was still surprised to see someone she knew walk in. Through all her shifts in the months that she had worked the front counter not one of the people who came into the store was someone she knew. They were mostly just people from around town, not really anyone she knew and not really anyone she cared about, either. They tended to enter her short term memory and then immediately leave the moment they left the store. This time though, one of the people who opened the store and rung the bell happened to be a person imprinted in what happened to be her long term memory.


Min-jae Parker was someone she knew from school. More than knew, in fact. Liked. Okay, well, that wasn’t really something she wanted to admit to anyone but she honestly couldn't really help it. It was just… she didn’t really know. She found him cute, she knew that, but she didn’t know what about him made him cute. It just felt that whenever he entered the room her skin rose a little on end and whatever else came about it always came back to him. She couldn’t even really help it, he just took over her focus and whenever he came up as a topic or a person all her thoughts were pushed away to make room for her stupid lovey-dovey daydreams about being with him. It sucked. She couldn’t think of anything actually important and she just couldn’t help but stare at him and god, it was the worst fucking feeling in the world and she honestly just wished she could have it go away.

He was cute, though. She would be totally open for dating him. It’d likely screw her schedule up and it’d leave her open for anyone else to mock her on it but she felt like she was good enough to deal with that. Even if it was a pipe dream, it was still fun to imagine, sometimes.

“Hi, Jae.”
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