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Wayne simply shrugged.

He wasn't certain of what he expected to come next. He'd been thinking in short term plans. Getting Raina and Darius apart. Calming down the party a bit. Doing something instead of nothing of worth. Done, done, and done, though his contribution on all three counts had been mediocre at best. He had barely noticed the two new arrivals as he and Raina left.

Now that the two of them were out here, away from the main event, the silence stretching... he was unsure. Give him a basketball, give him a game controller, give him a pixelated rifle in a numbers war. Give him something to do, and he could lose himself in it. Even bonding with others happened just like that; doing things together built trust and familiarity. This was different. He wasn't uncomfortable holding up his end of conversations, but he never truly knew where they led or where they were meant to go. She could start ranting about Darius - she could refuse to speak about Darius at all. Wayne didn't know.

He moved towards the bench, his eyes on Raina. He'd done this for his own benefit at first, to keep from doing nothing, but now he supposed he was out here for hers, too. He didn't feel it right to be the one to break the silence.
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