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((Jordan Green pregame start))

Jordan rewrote the line for a third time, an exact copy of what he had written the two times before. Nope, of course that wasn't working at all. It had barely been five minutes and he was already stuck. Each additional sentence seemed to be making less and less sense, slowly turning the entire page into an incoherent mess, and not even in a good absurdist kind of way either. More like a particularly bad comment on some political blog or forum which somehow made grammatical sense, but had leaps of logic so large that even the most daring of stunt drivers would be worried about jumping the gap.

Perhaps it wasn't the best of ideas to be writing in the grounds during lunch time, the noise certainly wasn't exactly helping him concentrate at all. The day was just a little overcast, and the cooling weather had enticed him out here to do some work over lunch, but it seemed that half the school had also thought the same way. Maybe he should have gone to the library after all, even if he wasn't supposed to eat there, it might have been quiet enough there to actually get something done. Sometimes a little too quiet, he reflected, there was a point where quietness drifted into eerie silence and the library was sometimes like that on its most quiet days, and given the number of people out here, that might actually have been the case.

But he was already out in the grounds, at a picnic table that he was rather sure wasn't even made of real wood, with half-finished sandwiches and scripts and thoughts and no real appetite to finish any of them. A check of his phone and the grand total of zero notifications there confirmed the absolute lack of anything going on, and the battery was just low enough for him to nix the idea of surfing the web to pass the time. Wonderful, he thought to himself, surveying the lawn for familiar faces. For once, actually talking to people looked like a big step up from sheer boredom, especially since it didn't feel like he'd be getting any work done over lunch anyway.
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