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Can you hear me?
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Junko had sat back down, but a few seconds later she felt a hand on her shoulder. At first, she thought it was Darius, back to terrorize once more. Junko turned her head, and-

Nope, it was a completely and utterly pissed off Maria Cuccinotta, and… Junko didn’t invite her? Really? She invited tons of people who would be interested in going to a bonfire instead of the space dance ugly woman race thing. Let’s see… she knew Haley expressed interest. Cris, too, actually. Maybe if he’d show up, Junko could put him on “Darius Wrangling Duty.” Didn’t he have an on-off thing with Raina nowadays? She doubted that even if they were in the “off” stage, he’d appreciate him hugging her while singing. No, scratch that, singing in a language that Junko was sure Darius couldn’t actually speak. Anyways, how did Maria not get invited?

“What are you talking about? I remember sending people messages about it”, Junko said, frowning.

Maybe it got eaten somehow? Or maybe she’d genuinely forgotten. Wouldn’t be the first time, really. For either. Junko’s brain sometimes couldn’t take too many things at once, and sometimes robots decide to rebel by losing shit. She guessed Maria found out through word of mouth instead, and that’s how she managed to show up. That was good. It’d suck if someone missed out because of the host’s faulty memory or faulty technology.

Before Junko could deal with Maria any further, Johnny showed up. Junko was cool with him, though he had a reputation. It was known by pretty much everyone that Johnny had a talent for things suddenly disappearing whenever he went to parties. She’d have to keep an eye on him. Maybe Fiyori, too. There wasn’t too much they could steal that would be that bad, except maybe the skewers? Well, she had her phone and a small bag of weed on her, but they’d have to reach into her pocket or something. Maybe there was something huge she was missing, but you know. Maybe she could do a quick pat-down before they left? No idea.

Junko nodded towards Johnny. A second later, she heard someone introduce Maria and Johnny to “his” party. She didn’t even have to turn her head to know that Darius had come back. Wow. How drunk do you have to be to think that you were hosting someone else’s party? Did they have to kill each other for the title of “host” like Game of Thrones? Did they do that in that show? She’d never watched it. All she knew was that there was a lot of murder and rape and plotting and incest, based off how people describe it to her. You know, all the fun things royalty does to each other. Oh, and there was something called a “Red Wedding” that her Facebook feed was freaking out about. Apparently a bunch of people got stabbed? Anyways!

As Johnny gave Darius a cig, Junko put a grin back on.

“As you can see… we’ve got some pretty good entertainment this evening. You just missed the part where he sung a bunch of things and tried to hug Raina.”

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