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Emma put a finger to her cheek in thought.

“Well… there’s some stuff we still need to go over. I’ll elaborate more once the meeting starts, since not everyone is here yet.”

The meeting went well. They got plenty of things sorted out! There was a DJ who usually did music for the dances. He’d already said that he had time in his schedule to show up, so that was good. “Cosmic Space Adventure” also seemed pretty easy to find decorations for. Planets, stars, spaceships, aliens, and astronauts. She was pretty sure that they could find good space things with a quick look through a party store and the school’s storage. It’d be more affordable and more practical, as well. “Space” wasn’t the only theme that had been tossed about for Sadie Hawkins this year, of course. Emma had been particularly fond of “Secret Mission.” Basically, it was a bit of a James Bond, secret agent theme. Though, she had personally suggested “1980s theme.” You see, she was thinking of Back to the Future, and, well, her mind went to “80s.” However, when they discussed it some time ago, everyone had agreed that “space” was the way to go. So “space” it was! It should be nice, seeing the gym made to look like something out of science fiction.

Come to think of it, another perk of “Cosmic Space Adventure” was that you could match the music to the theme pretty easily. For example, the Men in Black song! That wouldn’t be too bad as a song on the suggested playlist. Maybe Ariana Grande’s “Break Free”? If only for the video. That had a space theme, she knew.

Once the meeting was officially over, Emma noticed that there was a bit of an ache in her arms and legs. It didn’t help that her head felt a little weird, too. She otherwise felt okay, but she needed to stretch a bit, and probably head straight home afterwards. Her body was giving her all the signals that she needed to lay down.

As Emma left, red folder in hand, she thought about what Conrad and Bridgette said. She probably could tone it down a bit this time, but still. She could at least help set up the decorations. No ladders, of course, but tablecloth, moving a few things around in the gym? She could do it. Emma wasn’t happy until she was doing something. Of course, she could take it easy for the dance proper. If everything’s set up and there’s nothing else to be taken care of, she could go with a big smile on her face.

((Emma Luz continued elsewhere. If there’s anything here that needs changing, lemme know))

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