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"Uh hu, sure. I'm sure the people already here really appreciated the takers. You're right," he said with a shrug.

Caleb inhaled again and let another stream of smoke out between his teeth. He folded his left arm in by his chest and tapped the ash off his cigarette with his right hand.

He glanced sidelong at Johnny as he spoke, complete with theatrics. He was considering a response to Johnny's screed on the merits of blue collar working over white collar careers. Caleb's parents were one of each, an electrician and a bank manager. He doubted Johnny remembered that. He wondered what sort of work Johnny would be good at.

He wasn't given the chance to rebut as Johnny leapt to another topic, pointing at the phone sticking half out of his pocket.

Caleb shook his head and waved the suggestion away with his left hand. "Yeah right," he said, somewhat weakly. He pulled his gray beanie a little lower over his ears. "It's none of your business, but you might want to call me 'step-dad'. I'll take you out Go-Karting on the weekends, slugger. What'd you call me down here for, anyway?"

He reached out and pinched Johnny's cheek and leaned in, taking a sip of soda from the cup still in the other boy's hand.
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