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Jasmine hated this job sometimes.

((Jasmine King, continued from The Blood Witch))

Hmm, well, that was sort of an unfair thing to say. Only slightly, though, because there were definitely things about her job that she wished could be improved upon. The lack of customers, for one. Maybe it was just the time of the shift that she was on but whenever she was at the counter barely any people seemed to come into the store. That wasn’t really anything she’d call bad on her own, but it did lead to her shifts being totally boring, considering that she wasn’t allowed to use her phone on job. Not that she was really annoyed about that, though, she was one of those few people who could actually survive not having their phone for a few hours. Really, it was more that she couldn’t really do anything other than just stand at the counter for the duration of her shift. There was no clock on her floor of the store (maybe that was something she could talk to her boss about) and there was regularly nobody to talk to, so most of the time she just had to stand there waiting for her shift to end or waiting for something to actually happen.

Still, though, there were definite upsides to it. The pay, for one. The environment, for two. Working in the bookshop was like a dream. The warmth of the heater and the borderline library that just happened to be around her made this a place that she honestly wouldn’t mind being in for longer than she had to. Plus, whenever the store made a profit her boss allowed her to take whatever book she wanted for free, and that was certainly something she appreciated. Although she knew that her job didn’t pay as much as what some of her friends got, getting the things she actually wanted for free in her opinion made this the much better job.

It was hard to shake off a bad day, though. It was Sunday. 3 PM, if she had to guess. She was leaning forward on the counter, hand on her cheek. If her estimate on the time was correct then that meant she still had two hours to go before she was able to go home. Although she didn’t think that her guess was incorrect, she hoped that it was, in a way. If it was earlier than she thought it was then that meant that it could still potentially get better and if it was later than she thought it meant that she could go home sooner. All the better if it was the latter, if it meant that this fucking stagnant shift could be over that much more quickly. Really, the only people that had actually come at this point were the families with young kids, and if there was anything worse than nobody coming to the store then it had to be a bunch of little kids being loud and demanding her attention and asking stupid questions. Plus, there was a fairly important English essay that she wanted to put the finishing touches on and it was due tomorrow and it kept coming up in her mind and making her worry the more and more she worried about it. Really, if she was wrong, she wanted it to be later than she thought. Then she could go home and she could make it perfect.

She stared at the new releases section, somewhat longingly. Admittedly she still wanted the former to be true, even only because she wanted the store to make a profit. One of her favourite authors had released a new book a couple days ago, and as much as she wanted to buy it now she didn't want to accidentally waste her money or anything like that. Julian wasn't ever going to let her go if that happened and she definitely didn't want him to have the upper hand. At this rate though, it didn't seem like she was going to get it today. She slumped down a little more. Back to hoping it was later, she supposed.

The door to the store opened and the little buzzer made its sound. She sighed, slightly, getting off her hand and standing upright.

At least at the point it was now it could only get better.
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