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The girl moved her hands gently on top of her sketchpad. A perfectly normal gesture for what appeared to be just another normal girl, going about a normal life, but something about the situation still didn't sit right with Lili. It sat with her in the way that a book with torn out pages does, or how an album with a song missing feels. In other words, it felt incomplete and puzzling. Most of the time, Lili preferred to keep to herself, spending her time alone or off to the side away from everyone who she thought might bother her. Now that she had thrown herself into a conversation, however, she felt momentum and curiosity building within her.

Lili took a glance around, taking in more of the calming sunny day. Strangely, now that she was removed from the meditative comfort of flying a kite, the day seemed a lot less serene and a lot more plain, average, and altogether annoying. The sun's heat was far more oppressive, and Lili could feel herself start to sweat under her relatively heavier clothing. The grass underneath her legs felt prickly and sharp, and the light of day was getting in her eyes. Lili was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

Gazing around, Lili had seen something that let her ease up slightly, though. Sitting in the grass underneath a tree was Lili's friend Georgia Lee Day. Academically, the two could not be any more different if they tried. Georgia Lee involved herself in a multitude of extracurricular activities and sports, holding down a steady job while earning high marks in all her classes. To someone like Georgia Lee, Lili looked like a typical slacker, someone who wasn't likely to go anywhere in life. Lili thought that Georgia Lee was different than most people like her, though. The two got along pretty well whenever they had the chance to talk. At the very least, Georgia Lee's wave to Lili from under her tree was answered happily with a wave of her own and a smile. "At the very least," Lili thought to herself, "she'll back me up if things go south."

"Yeah. It's nice," The girl with the sketchpad replied, remarking on the day around her. Lili thought that an answer like that would be what she would get. The girl was outside drawing, after all, taking in the day around her. Her motive for being outside made perfect sense to Lili, and slowly but surely, Lili eased up, settling into more comfortable posture. "She's fine," Lili's thoughts told her, "She's peaceful and trying to be left alone, like me."

"Your kite's beautiful, by the way."

Lili paused. The suspicion that the girl had been drawing her returned in full force. She'd been looking up at the kite, and very likely at Lili flying it, too. She had seen every moment of her accident and several minutes preceding, too. Her relaxed posture stiffened once more, as rose from sitting to kneeling and folded her hands in her lap. One side of LIli's mind wanted an answer, and soon.

On the other hand, Lili felt strangely appreciated. If the artist before her had, in fact, been looking at her flying the kite, then she likely thought it was a pleasant scene to draw. Lili, at heart, was an artist herself, though in a decidedly less visual medium, and she could appreciate wanting to capture the rawness of a scene, the vivid detail of everyday life. In the few seconds before Lili spoke, this side of her gradually rose to the forefront, and Lili's conscious cleared.

"Oh, you like it?" Lili asked in a relaxed tone, politely smiling, "I don't blame you for staring at it, it is somewhat," Lili paused and searched for the right word, "Somewhat colorful, I think." Lili didn't want to make the poor girl uncomfortable, but she wanted to let her know that Lili knew what she was doing.

Off to the side, Lili's kite shifted in the breeze.
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