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Jonathan had found himself cringing when Michael started laughing at the ordeal. It could've been bad, and here he was laughing at it? Oh well, it could have been worse, and Michael DID help him out when he needed it. There wasn't anything else they could have done, it was just good in general that the situation didn't get worse. Darius was off 'Showing his little Dee?' Jonathan had to raise an eyebrow and hide a smirk on that one. That one was so bad it was kinda funny.

"Michael stop..." Jonathan found himself shaking his head and covering his mouth. Michael's laugh was contagious, and he really didn't want to look that insensitive in front of Raina- wait where was she? Oh, Wayne and her were going somewhere... At least Darius was in the opposite direction, maybe they'd leave each other alone now?

Oh hey, more people! Maria and Johnny Ray were joining the party it looks like. The party will definitely be a lot more lively now! At least Drunk Darius won't be the focus anymore. Was Johnny giving him bad looks? Nah, probably his imagination. Jonathan waved to the two new arrivals as Darius came back to the scene.

Of course, Darius decided to be Darius and... call Johnny Ray a thief whilst simultaneously claiming the party as his own. Jonathan turned to Michael.

"Pardon my French, but Darius really is shitfaced, isn't he?"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Michael's laughing finally slowed. "Sorry Jon." Ironically, this apology was a bit more sincere than the earlier one. Michael rubbed his eyes for a moment. Damn that was a good laugh, he was on the border of tears from that. Jonathan was right though, Michael's play on words fucking ate shit. Nobody else but him was laughing. He'd have to remind himself not to use that one anymore.

At this point, Darius and Raina were now avoiding each other, so while a good portion of the shits and giggles left, so did the drama. A bit of a double edged sword, but the side facing Michael was significantly smaller than the opposite side; so it was tolerable.

Two new peeps joined the party. O.D Dodger Maria, and Meth Mouth Mckay. Well the party certainly was going to get more lively at this point. Michael called out to the two. " 'Ey Maria! 'Ey Jay Ray!"

Darius came back and called our new hillbilly guest a thief. Welp, Darius totally didn't learn from anything that happened in the last fifteen seconds. Hell, he even had the audacity to ask for a cigarette afterwords to- oh damn! Johnny Ray gave him one! Eh, didn't surprise him. Jay Ray had thicker skin than most kids here, Michael doubted Darius would get to him.

Michael found himself laughing at Jonathan's comment. "No doubt about it, man..."
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