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If you're looking for someone Jeremy actively hates, then look no further than Rea Adams! She'd grow rapidly annoyed with him, being the class clown sort of type, and they've already had an altercation with each other before. Pretty sure it was "The Library is the Powerhouse of the Student", where he noted that she'd have to be completely delusional to think he was hitting on her. Which, to be fair, she is. Well, not completely delusional, but more of an entitled snob.

Jasmine, on the other hand, would definitely have both criteria filled for a friend who would have drifted away from her. Rea, being one of the most intelligent students in the school (something she'll tell you about at length) would definitely make Jasmine see her as a threat.

Then there's Alvaro Vacanti. Rea is a naturally judging person; someone who looks down on people she believes are "below her", and I'm thinking one of these people might be Alvaro. While not being outright hostile, she might be someone who makes him paranoid about what other people think of him. She's a lot less of the stereotypical confrontational bully, but more of someone who'd be silently judging him from across the room. I'm pretty sure she'd be someone he at the very least somewhat dislikes.

I'm still here, just lurking though for the most part.
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