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Scarlett had watched the scene unfold with Aiden and she couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed. Aiden was possibly being too overjoyed with her wanting to help him out. Especially over some puzzles. Well, at least he was going to try to work afterwards. Should she get him one of the small puzzles? She wasn't sure which ones that he would like to use. She was now leaving Ben all by himself. But she was sure that he would be alright. Ben would possibly like the peace and quiet. From Aiden anyway.

Scarlett started to head up the stairs slowly with Aiden and she looked back at Aiden. He really didn't seem that bad. She may have really been a poor judge of character after what happened between Aiden and Bradley. She then thought that she should not be too uncomfortable around Aiden anymore. "That would be a great help if you can focus on the novel when you are done with one of my puzzles. Maybe you could learn something new." Scarlett was started off a conversation with Aiden, trying to get to know him more. "So, puzzles.... Which ones do you normally like to do, Aiden?"

((Scarlett McAfee continued in And Then A Star.....
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