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Rorick Skyve
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((Aiden Slattery continued from What Are Little Boys Made Of?))

One of those days again. One of those frickin' days, fulla chores, fulla bores. Usually, Aiden woulda just gone 'Fuck it', dashed straight outta the house and went for a jog, lap on his bike, anything that could get his blood pumpin'. Didn't work today though, nope. Not with the sky pissin' all over the place, going maximum high tide, like. Sure, he wasn't made of sugar, not like he couldn't stand a bit of rain, but this - no fucking way. Catching the sniffles was on the very bottom of his to-do-list, so it was.

So what else was there to do for him? Mom and dad gone over the weekend, meetin' some old buddies or whatever. Good for them, 'slong as they didn't crash their car, what with the weather and all. He wasn't scared though, Big Daddy was the best goddamn driver 'round these parts, bit of a drizzle wasn't going to take him down, nope.

Still, that meant he was all Home Alone, minus the fun of being able to mess with some goofy goons sneaking around. Shame, really. Not even his little bro was there, went to visit college girl Sharon over at her place. He did regret not going with him now, he felt like a right eejit. Some frickin' dumbass sittin' around on his ass at home, with nothing to do but twiddle his thumbs and maybe show his pecker some love. Wasn't even in the mood for that now, not after thinking about his folks that much, nope, nopedi nope. Maybe some other peeps who were into that, but not him.

He sighed and picked up his phone that was lying next to him on the sofa. No new messages. Of course not. For a second, he wondered why Fergie hadn't called yet, announcing his arrival, but then he remembered. Dude was gone as well, some shit with his tonsils needing a check-up or some stuff. Meaning even their weekly karaoke night was a total bust, whole fuckin' universe had conspired against him, playin' one big fat joke on him. Shit sucked, so it did.

Overcome by some sorta desperation, he started scrolling through his phone's contacts, as if by some miracle, divine inspiration was gonna come over him or some shit, Jesus comin' down and tellin' him how to get his mood back in the green. Danny, Kizi, Johnny, nope, all of them already busy, far as he knew. What the hell was the world coming to? Maybe he had missed out on some big inside joke or something, everybody pretendin' to be busy over the weekend.

So he scrolled up and down and up again, like he was tryin' to hypnotize his own ass. Then finally, he stopped. One name there he had overlooked before, one that brought back some sweet ol' memories. Had barely seen the chick since their last session of bouncy boning, had been too busy with...nothing, really, he had just forgot to give her a call again. Like, she hadn't called him either, but it was usually the other way around, right? Lad ringin' up the lass and stuff. Yeah, sure sounded like an idea he could get behind.

Just chattin' woulda been enough for him, anything that helped distracting himself, gettin' his mind outta the gutter. Only had to hope she was available. Luck o' the Irish had to have his back on this one, just this one fucking time.

Aiden rubbed his neck and yawned, then pressed Fiyori's name and finally the call button.

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