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All the joy seemed to drain out of Aiden's face, all at once. It was like he aged 10 years before Georgia Lee's eyes, and all that little-boy exuberance seemed to vanish.

She felt like she'd kicked a puppy, and had to turn away for a momen, so as not to let him see the guilt that she could feel all over her face. He was an absolute pain of course, but had he really deserved that level of harshness?

Yes, of course he had. Georgia Lee banished the thought. Aiden couldn't make his way through life by making puppy-dog eyes at every hurdle he came across. Being annoyingly, cloyingly happy was no substitute for being able to pass maths. Tough love, that was what was required here. Any degree of lenience would be doing a disservice to him, not to mention a disservice to herself.

Georgia Lee turned back to Aiden, and had to suppress a smile at the look of utter determination on his little bird-face.

This was more like it.

[Georgia Lee Day continued elsewhere]

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