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"Yeah? I'll look forward to it," Amanda said, though she was halfway more focused on the coins now in her hand. "I guess I'll see you two around then."

Amanda stabbed the vending machine button repeatedly while waiting for her drink, She'd probably stopped for too long already given how high the sun was. A quick drink and she'd be off.

Maria's parting shot had left her a little uncomfortable though. Rea didn't seem that bad of a person, even if thirty seconds wasn't nearly enough to properly gauge someone. Then again, unbridled hatred wasn't exactly a emotion that Amanda herself was too familiar with, she liked to think of herself as the forgiving sort, even if the other person managed to be a complete and utter arsehole. Frustration and disappointment maybe. She'd have to find a tactful way to find out what was going with Maria. Maybe over another meal? She hadn't had laksa in a while and she still had a few packs of spices for that. Yeah, that might work.

She chucked the bottle at the bin in a lazy arc, watching as it bounced unsatisfyingly towards the still damp grass to the side. Welp. It was fitting enough that it would happen. Amanda almost didn't want to pick it up, but resigned herself to it, dropping it gently into the bin. The last fifteen minutes had been far more hectic than she'd been expecting out of a morning run. Maybe she would get around to fixing up that playlist after all. It'd actually be a bit relaxing after all that.

The earbuds went back on, playing another song that she was only half interested in now. And with that, she was back on her run.

((Amanda Tan continued elsewhere))
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