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Well, crap. Now there was an example of 'How to turn any situation awkward in less than 30 seconds.' He had fucked up, yup, effed up good, effed up royally. Aiden could almost feel the enthusiasm draining from his face, grin was the first to go, then his nostrils stopped quivering, his eyes closed somewhat - for the first time since he had opened that door not too long ago, he was looking serious. As serious as a shorty like him with a face like that could get.

"Yeah, uh...kay then, got it, roger that. Enough time to talk later, yup." He couldn't tell if it was the pills finally taking effect, or if his own senses had just sort of made him...well, come to his senses, shitty as it sounded. Either way, chick was right. Went a little crazy there, so he did. Like, still pretty harmless, but clearly not what Miss No-Nonsense over there was willing to dig. Had that same sorta tone like his sis now, whenever she got serious and gave his ass a roasting. Like she was tryin' to train some sorta pet dog or something.

It was okay though, totally fine, yup. Not like he couldn't handle it, couldn't handle gettin' a lecture every once in a while. Nah, it was prolly for the best, to be sure. Time he got himself to work, make sure that money he was payin' Lee Lee wasn't gonna go to waste. Not like loosin' those lousy bucks was hurtin' his wallet much, but still. Penny saved was a penny earned, and whathaveyou.

He didn't waste any more time, sat his ass down on a chair opposite to his tutor and snatched the required book from the table. "Alrighty, I'll ask whenever I need help with something, you with me? Spoiler alert: Gonna happen a lot. Just as a warning." He followed it up with a rather half-assed attempt at a smile, before immediately opening the book at the page she had showed him.

"You need some more to drink, be sure to tell me. Enough ice here to keep a whole family o' penguins feel fit as a fiddle."

Yeah, he really couldn't help it, had to try for some comedy gold - or silver, whatever was decent enough. Not anymore though, had to keep his trap shut now, like Sharon had taught him. Had to be the good boy, straight up paragon. Wasn't gonna be easy, but hell, when was it ever? He'd give it his best shot, true as truth. All he could ask of himself. Maths didn't have shit on him, he was gonna conquer it, ram his banner up its ass. Startin' with this frickin' excercise.

((Aiden Slattery continued in It's Raining, It's Pouring))
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