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"Raised in the U S of A, baby." Johnny gave Caleb a grin. "Land of takers. Georga Washington never said "oh excuse me, can I borrow some independence for a second" yeah, did he?"

He took back the soda with an extravagant gesture.

"And fuck you, you gotta cover up my smell. This is a man's smell. A workin' man's smell, yeah? Summa us gotta make our own way in the world, we can't all just," Johnny put a hand to his chest, palm up, and bounced it up and down, as if cupping an invisible breast, "suck on the teat of fuckin'... big bank corporate America, can we?"

Johnny didn't wait for an answer.

"Anway, what's that shit?" He waved his hand, indicating Caleb's phone. "Lady troubles?"

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