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The nonstop torrent of enthusiasm was beginning to grate on Georgia Lee. How could anyone be this excited about... anything, let alone having your deficiencies pointed out by someone a year behind you.

It was incredibly off-putting.

She had to get this under control. No more indulging him. No more "Beaks". It was well past time that they actually started working.

"I don't really go to bars, Aiden. I'm 17."

Georgia Lee's voice was heavy with reproach, and her face, she hoped, conveyed just how absolutely unimpressed she was.

"We can absolutely talk about this thing later on, but I really think it's time that we start working, so why don't you take a look at this page here," she pushed the open book towards him, "and try your hand at these exercises."

It was like dealing with a little child, or a particularly irritating puppy. She wondered if he had some kind of attention disorder, or perhaps was even somewhat handicapped. He was still grinning, seeming utterly oblivious to just how tired of him she was becoming.

Patience, of course, was a virtue, but Georgia Lee failed to see how any good would be done by indulging this overgrown child any longer. It certainly wouldn't benefit him, to let him chat the lesson away, and she strongly suspected that people allowing Aiden to do whatever he wanted because he was friendly and seemed harmless was probably why he was so useless in the first place.

The money he'd offered had seemed generous, when he'd offered it. Now Georgia Lee was regretting not asking for more.

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