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“It was okay,” she replied. “I’ll need to watch it at home at some point, though. There were people talking on the table next to me all the way through it and I couldn’t really hear or focus on it.”

Which sucked, by the way. Seriously, why did people do that when there was a movie right in front of them? She could understand people talking if it was during a presentation or something that was otherwise a normal lesson but it was a movie, which rarely ever happened and was generally a reward from the teacher to the class. She could have dealt with it if it was another lesson instead of a movie (she really didn’t mind listening to the teacher or writing notes that much) but she had been so excited to watch the movie considering everyone in her family had asked if she had seen it and it just made it worse that she could barely hear it. And seriously, considering what she was hearing instead she really didn’t know why they could have just saved it for the lunch period. So annoying. Hopefully she had enough in her piggy bank to rent it from somewhere.

“I also don’t think studying for Spanish would really be that fun,” she said, smiling. She wanted it to be more of a scowl than anything but she didn’t really think that Kizi would appreciate that. It was a topic they both knew. Jasmine as much as she wanted to like it hated Spanish because of how annoying the practical sessions were. She was sure that if she spoke about it any further she’d end up showing Kizi that scowl, so she decided that going back to a previous topic was the best idea.

“But yeah, the movie was good from what I could get of it, at the very least.”
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