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Brendan was relieved that Alba was at least doing fine. He didn't want to do anything to ruin her night with him. He wanted Alba to have the best night of her life. She wanted to go back on the dance floor. It felt like it would be a great idea as it would help him take his mind off of what he did to Maxim. He just needed to enjoy the rest of the night with Alba and he could worry about Maxim another day.

Brendan glanced at Alba and he couldn't help but feel a bit better in her company. "I'm glad that you are alright, Alba. S-Sure! I can't wait to have more of a fun time with you." Brendan said, as he reached out to her and he held onto her hand gently. "I want to make this the best dance of your life."

And he started to lead her back to where many of the other students were dancing.

((Brendan Harte continued elsewhere))
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