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The afternoon certainly ended up being more pleasant than Maxim had anticipated. Aiming to be useful for once, to provide assistance in a matter that concerned more than just his own person was an experience he had not made all too often before. Of course, he had not worked all that hard overall, hadn't even come close to pushing his own limits. Of course he hadn't, it had just been a session of baking, after all. Trivial, dull at times. But he had helped, no doubt about it and that was enough for him. He was content, overall.

Cristo and Abby, they had defiinitely enjoyed himself, far more than he had. And yet, something told him it wasn't just the prospect of baking itself that had caused this effect, this state of tangible bliss that they had been written all over them. There had been a certain mood in the air, one even he couldn't help but notice back then. His two pers certainly shared a special chemistry, yes. There was this peculiar gleam in the eye of his friend that he had spotted each time the former talked about their cheerful host. Yes, it was entirely possible that Cristo was in love with Abby. More than possible, likely even.

Of course, Maxim hadn't questioned his friend about it, not even mentioned it or made slight hints. It was their concern, not his. He wasn't even certain if Abby even knew about his friend's felings, granted they were of the sort he believed to have spied. Well, he certainly wasn't going to be the one to tell her. If the two of them truly needed someone else to set them up with each other, then maybe they didn't deserve each other at all. A harsh thought, but one Maxim deemed logical. He had decided to stop worrying about it alltogether, leave sentimentality and suchlike to those that appreciated it.

The results of their collective efforts ha been satisfactory, that was all that mattered. Still, he did not exactly plan to do so again all too soon. Maybe playing some more Baldur's Gate wasn't too bad a plan after all. He was left to his own thoughts there, at least. He certainly wouldn't tell that to Cristo though. Poor guy could have easily taken it the wrong way.

Yes, definitely not a wasted day, all in all. Could have used some improvements, sure, but it hadn't been cumbersome either, so that was a plus. Though he really needed to catch up on some of his maths school work, procrastination wasn't going to help him here any longer. Definitely was going to read some of that once he got home. Well, maybe after another hour of PC or so.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued in Wasserweber))
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