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Maria let out a yawn, inwardly extremely pleased that Rea had left. Whilst, to be entirely honest, she didn't mind Will, he was a stuck up bastard to be sure, but he wasn't... Well, he wasn't an entitled airhead who couldn't even name what animal milk came from. "What happened with Asha and her? And is she so entirely clueless as to think us part of the same cliche or something?" She took a look at her clothes. "Huh, these do actually look kinda goth. Might have to change that then..." Seemingly waving away any further conversation, she forced a smile. "The headache's coming back with a vengeance. Maybe some more painkillers and a gallon of water'll let me actually sleep a bit. Hate being tired on a weekend; too much stuff to do..." She started off, out of the park and in the direction of her home, before remembering something. "See you two around school, yeah? Amanda, I may have a recipe idea you'll want to see, right up your alleyway actually."

Just as she started to get out of earshot, she shouted out for the last time;' "Oh, and Amanda? Nothing is overboard when it comes to that fucking Aussie. nothing." 'Where the fuck did I put my bike.... Ah shit, I walked didn't I. I'm an idiot." Muttering to herself, Maria left Sumac park, the rising sun warming her back as she walked away.

((Maria Cuccinotta, continued elsewhere)
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