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And so as the song from several decades before her birth continued to play, Rea swayed gently in time with the music, her hands enveloped in Will's. She looked around her; the other student couples weren't faring any better. Awkward stumbling, constant blushing. At least she didn't stand out in the crowd.

Looking at her partner, she reflected on how lucky she was to have him. He was rich, even taller than her, handsome, and hunted for sport. Sure, that might be somewhat controversial back at the school, but to her it was a sign of showing that he could take care of himself. That, and the fact that he was minor nobility, and British nobility at that.

Sure, he was a little rough around the edges, but there was no one else she could imagine being with here tonight. Even in the incredibly oddly themed gym, the moment couldn't be ruined. Well, apart from the fact that she'd inevitably managed to trip over in her heels, and was now falling towards the floor.

So much for blending in with the crowd.
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