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"Stiffly, formally, and only practiced with cousins. Basically, I have about as much clue as a drunk sailor after a month on board a sub. That is to say, absolutely none at all..." He paused for a moment. " Still, the holding hands thing whilst gently swaying to the music seems to be simple enough, and should spare us embarrassment." He looked up. Most of the students had absolutely no clue what to make of the song, and he supposed that was understandable, most of the songs wouldn't have been old Sinatra croonings, but something from... Well, the last decade and a half at least he supposed.

To be frank, the Sadie Hawkins had made no sense to Will. Ok, bucking social conventions by the girl being the 'persuer,' so to speak, but this was 2015; you were more likely to end up banging someone you'd had physical contact with for only a few hours than you would following the incredibly nonsensical and chaperoned affairs that had gone on only a century or so ago. Carefully, Will shifted his collar, which was already feeling pretty choked as it was, and took Rea's two hands in his, almost causing them to vanish. "You know Rea, if you weren't so reedy, you might've been the first women to have ever, ever intimidated me when I was fully grown." He smiled. "Luckily you didn't, because that would have probably ended in a very different path that did not end in us standing at this bizarre dance."
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