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"That," Amanda said, wincing a little at Maria's reaction, "was a little overboard, wasn't it?"

"So that's Rea, huh?" Amanda watched the figure run away from them. The girl looked and felt nothing like the classic bitch that Amanda had thought she'd be from what the guys had been saying about her. Then again, people weren't always what they seemed, and her actions at the library had spoken loudly enough that a stuttered apology didn't quite seem like it cut it, especially since it seemed to have mattered so little to all but Maria here.

Then again, the fallout over the whole library incident had become rather ridiculous. Obviously it was a big thing, anything that sent Little Miss Perfect herself into detention was clearly going to be in the running for the "Most Messed Up Event of the School Year" award and she still couldn't work out how Rea dissing Asha managed to fit into the whole thing. Just one big mess that no one could really sort through. For a period of time, it seemed like it was all anyone would be bothered to talk about, and maybe it was just that she had gossipy friends, but there were a million bullshit rumours flying around the whole thing that were starting to get rather tiring. Some people were even saying that Fiyori had bit Georgia Lee. That was just a step too far to believe. She hadn't seen a bite mark the last time she was around, in any case. What did they think they were, grade schoolers? Obviously the rumours were getting far out of hand.

Ugh. The frustration from not getting a drink and from thinking about the whole fiasco was starting to get to Amanda. Raina looked like she was going off too, and it seemed like a good time to start making the trip to the fountain-

"Huh?" Amanda blinked at Raina's outstretched hand for a second, "Oh my gosh, really? Am I really that easy to read?" She wasn't going to ask for money, but there it was being offered to her. She made the decision without even considering. "Well, thanks. I'll pay you back on Monday," she stated, her own hand already outstretched to receive the coins.
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