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"I think we shall."

She took his arm and the pair strode into the gym. Or at least, what was once the gym. Now, it was more of a bizarre fever dream hallucinated by a planetarium's janitor. For whatever reason, the school (and everyone who had worked on this) had decided that the dance needed a theme. Why they thought this, she'd never know, but the end result of it was laughable. What was so romantic about space? The planets and stars everywhere made the place look ridiculous. Really killed the mood, which was only salvaged and kept alive by the man standing next to her.

Rea had no idea what she was supposed to do here. She could try dancing in them, but even without these heels that she saw Will smirking at earlier she still had no idea how to waltz, or slow dance, or whatever people were meant to do here. Really the entire thing was just a social formality counting down time until after the dance, where morning regrets and teenage pregnancies abound.

Sure, she liked Will, but did she really like him enough for that? Okay, fine, it was true that she did. In the time she'd known him, she'd fallen in love with Will, and at the risk of sounding as cliched as possible, she did want her first time to be special, to be with someone she loved.

But that was for later in the evening. For now though, all she had to focus on was not tripping over in the most uncomfortable shoes she'd ever worn. Oh, and the entire reason they were here in the first place.

"Will, do you have any idea how to dance?"
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