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"Okay, so..." Cameron stopped momentarily as she tried to think of a way to explain what exactly the concept album was. It wasn't that she didn't know per se, she just wasn't sure how to put the idea into words that made sense.

"It's called Merging and its about someone who's going home for the first time since...I'm not entirely sure, but they're going home because one of their parents has died and it's been so long they're a totally different person than they were when they left." Once she got going it wasn't as hard as she thought. Maybe she knew what she wanted from the album to begin with.

"So it follows their journey home and the idea is as they get closer the songs get heavier and its closer to the middle so everything converges at the point where they arrive home which is the heaviest song on the whole thing, then we spiral out from there and it steadily gets more dreamlike as they comes to terms with everything and the final songs are them letting all their baggage go and moving on."

The last part of the explanation came out as a steady steam of information. Cameron was surprised by how lucid and sensical the whole thing was. Sure it was tied up in the whole American myth and the journey home purposely mirrored that but she had been hoping for something that came across as more personal. Saying it all out loud to Vans was a good way of acknowledging that the idea had some legs, she'd written most the first parts of it after that night her and Vans sat in the desert. It had been steadily added to and refined since then.

Most of the songs were written and she had her first real attempts at lyrics written down.

She had just been delaying showing it to anyone out of fear they wouldn't like it.

"So...what do you think?"
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