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"No, I-I-I, uh, oh no, I'm sorry, I just-"

So maybe it wasn't paranoia. Maybe it was rational thinking. Well, maybe not, at least until now. Okay, fine, maybe she overreacted a bit. But it turned out to be justified, right? She'd insulted one one of those emo freaks, and now she'd suddenly insulted them all.

Amanda said something that Rea might have given the benefit of the doubt, but Maria... Maria pretty much just stated her intention to kill her. Sure, she could have just been mildly annoyed, but Rea wasn't taking any chances with this girl.

"Okay, no, look, I-" She was stuttering so much she was barely comprehensible. "I'm sorry! Tell Asha I'm sorry!" She yelled, sprinting away from the group.

Sure, it wasn't exactly the most sane thing to have done in the situation, but it still kept her alive. Staying there would probably have had the same effect, but in a paranoid fervor it sure seemed to her like the best solution at the time.

So what if those girls would think she was insane. At least she was far away from them by now.

((Rea Adams, continued in ______))
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