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Jasmine’s smile fell, slightly. Slowly, of course. She wasn’t surprised, just very very disappointed.

“So that’s why?”

She asked inquisitively, hiding the disappointment from her voice. Considering her sudden arrival in the group and how she near immediately started latching onto Irene Jasmine honestly thought that there’d be more to it than that. A better reason of some kind was what she was thinking of. Hoping for, in a way. It was a topic that had been on her mind for the past couple days or weeks or so and to see it be something so actually minor just made the balloon of Jasmine’s interest slowly deflate in her head. Because really, there was so much it could have been. Dirty stuff from another group, for one. Lesbian lovers, for two. It was definitely an odd topic for Jasmine to think about especially since Irene was one of her closest friends but she had to admit that there were a lot of the signs of some sort of relationship. Clingyness. Physical contact. Normally things that she saw within the more regular relationships at Cochise but she didn’t really see how it couldn’t equate otherwise.

Really though, as much as she wanted to justify it she couldn’t. It wasn’t actually a thing, to her disappointment.

That was, of course, unless Irene wasn’t telling the truth. She was in the Drama Club, just as Jasmine was. As clueless as she could be (bless her heart), she did have the capability to pull off a little lie.

So, further questioning was needed.

“Wait, did you say from middle school?” The part about the webcomics was gone but not forgotten inside Jasmine’s mind. It was too late at this point to say that she didn’t really mind (although maybe some of the other members did, who knew) but maybe she could drop it somewhere later.

“Because we were side to side every lunchtime back then and I don’t remember you ever bringing her around.”
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past