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“I can take not being able to drive. If I could I’d likely be in jail for mass vehicular manslaughter or something,” because seriously, jesus christ cars were scary. Big, metal monsters which could basically kill anything they hit? No thanks. He totally understood that they were useful and that they were basically essential to survive in the modern world but if he could he’d try to stay away from even trying to learn how to control one of them. For the good of mankind. Plus, it felt cool to have people drive him around. Made him feel just that little extra bit regal, picking the songs from the CD that both people in the car had to listen to the whole time there. His mother hated Uncle Jonny, he didn’t. Probably not his favourite song from Sam’s Town (which depended on whether Exitlude counted as a song or not) but was pretty easily in his top three for the album.

“Admittedly I would say that these are the best years of my life though, by virtue of being better than the ones previous,” Jeremy continued, going back to the topic at hand. Was he telling the truth there? Maybe, maybe not. He didn’t think about it deeply enough to be able to get a comprehensive ranking of whether this would be better than middle school, but there were enough upsides to it for his jump to at least be partially justified. He was more socially advanced than he had ever been and he picked up some cool hobbies along the way (probably; only one he could think of right now was Survivor but there was definitely more than that), and considering the advancement of technology and Jeremy’s opinions the games he had played were far better than the ones of previous years. Maybe there were downsides and there definitely were but nothing that was immediately glaring in his mind.

“Still though, nothing like what literally everyone’s told me. Honestly I’m just waiting for college to take me away from here. Given the slow buildup of how good things are being that’s likely to be even better.”
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