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Maria, who had been rather passive in the conversation since her initial outburst, instead focusing on nursing a now-growing headache as the painkillers started to wear off. Finally opened her mouth; "To be perfectly honest Amanda, it's not like that was anymore appealing to me than you. I merely there up trying that dish out, not because it was badly cooked or anything, but because who mixes chocolate and meat? Seriously!" Maria drained her Red Bull and turned, wondering what had attracted everyone else's attention.

Upon seeing Rea, her face visibly darkened. "Oh, it's you. Mrs 'My parents are super wealthy, my boyfriend is super wealthy and I'm super wealthy so you can all fuck off! Except don't, because that would be against the Lord!'" She put on an overly exaggerated sing-song voice and glared at Rea, clearly not happy with the new arrival's approach. "Stuck-up-bitch."

With that, Maria walked to a nearby trashcan and dropped the now-empty Red Bull can into it, listening to the hollow clang of metal against metal. She paused for a second, then let out a deep sigh and returned. "If I don't get the irresistible urge to punch your stupid face in in the next five minutes, we're all good, ok?
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