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Okay, good, people didn't always get existential-despair based humor and things would always get kinda weird afterwards. One point in Jeremy's favor, right there.

Asha nodded as Jeremy calculated the school's niceness ratios. "Yeah, sounds about right. Once you get a big enough group of people, you're not gonna get away without having a few jerks in there, at least." There probably weren't any statistics available on what percentage of any given group acted like dicks, because if the technology to accurate do such a study existed the world would be an even more terrifying place than there already was and everyone'd probably have better things to be worrying about. Even the dicks.

"Definitely. Movies and TV really mess with your expectations, man. I mean, 'best years of our lives' my ass, we can't even drive for half of 'em," Asha said. Cynical, maybe, but she didn't think anyone under the age of 30 would seriously argue that high school was all it was cracked up to be. The sooner she got out, the better. Suddenly, Asha was all too aware of how close she was too graduation, and having to ultimately make a decision about what she wanted to do with her life afterwards. Art school or becoming a professional ballerina? Goddamn, man, you make a girl's biggest responsibilities in life not screwing up a test and then you pile that shit on her?

At least for the moment she had pleasant enough conversation to distract her from the crushing weight of the future.
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