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Johnny crouched, and placed an eye to the lens.

A greenish-grey circle came in to focus, looking like a small, blurry moon.

"That's Venus, yeah?" Johnny'd been allowed to stay up one night, when his parents had been out, and watched a movie with Darren and a friend, where large-breasted aliens from Venus had descended to earth and had their way with earth's menfolk. It had been a magical night. Johnny squinted, but couldn't see any sign of them on the planet's blurred surface.

Johnny liked space, or thought he did. According to Raina, what was required to like space properly was a lot of math, and a lot of memorization. Johnny was of the opinion that one could like something just by finding it really cool, but apparently that opinion was wrong and bad, and if one really liked space one could calculate how long it'd take two comets to pass one another if one left earth and x speed and the other at y, or know how many stars were in the hyperion constellation or whatever and what all their names were and what the favourite food of the old french guy who had named them had been.

"So how far away is that, like?"

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