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((So maybe someone didn't expect to be skipped over and just posted their last post blindly. Sorry for not reading carefully! Skipping ahead to help Spin out))

Maria had talked about parties before, but that wasn't quite up Amanda's alley. Sure she knew who went for these sorts of parties, and she was friends with a good number of them, but finding herself covered in puke god knows where wasn't exactly her idea of a fun time, no matter how much movies tried to glamorise it.

Not that Maria wasn't fun to have around, but today, it felt like it was infringing on what she had expected to be a quiet morning in the park. It wasn't bad in any case just- Wait, what? Chocolate covered beef?

"Oh my gosh. Not that again. We all know that was never a good idea." Maria had shown her a video before, and while some people seemed to like it, it just made Amanda kind of queasy. Chocolate just wasn't something that went well with
meat, and if it tasted as weird as it looked...

"Hmmn? You haven't seen her channel before?" Answering Raina's question helped her distract herself from the horrors of grotesque desserts for a moment. "The channels's pretty cool, though I'm not to keen on some of the more eclectic dishes there I mean, I'm more of a traditional style cooking kinda girl myself," Amanda said, but Raina was already turning her attention elsewhere. Amanda found herself mildly ticked off depsite herself, twice in five minutes was perhaps a little too much to be accidental, even if the girl passing by was more than enough distraction. Not in that kinda way, but the lanky looking girl was doing her best not to be spotted while passing them by.

Raina greeted the girl who had been staring in their direction, and received a response stuttered so much as to be barely intelligible. The girl looked a mess, seemingly one part nervousness, one part not having slept in what looked like half a decade. Amanda's mind was already busy jumping to several mutually exclusive but generally unflattering conclusions.

"You're from Cochise, right? Is anything wrong?" Amanda asked.
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