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keep running yoshi
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Almost before he was done Ben knew his spiel had amounted to a shit pundit rant. He knew what 'effective' was, and that hadn't been it. Rea gave him a moment of silence. In memoriam of his fallen stock, probably.

Shit, anyways. They had to get on with it. Rea still had a class to find. Ben held up two fingers, time out in the guise of dusty knuckles. Swept his hand down the hall in a brisk motion.

"Let's keep going."

Maybe they were friends, maybe they weren't. Maybe they'd actually find Rea's class or maybe it would turn out to not be on the map, the administrative cock up of legend. Either way. Only an idiot with too much time on their hands put that much thought into it before all was said and done. On and on it went.

((Ben Fields continued in Is This It))
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