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The gravity-bent kite fell right on top of Lili, streamers and skeletal plastic framework ensnaring her in a prison of fabric. Lili floundered around on the grass, trying her best to get out from underneath her kite as fast as possible, before anyone had the chance to see her. The last thing that Lili needed was for her inner sanctum - status as a public park aside - to be disrupted by a curious bystander.

As she tried to escape from the kite's fragile grasp, however, Lili heard a sound that let her know that she was already too late to save face.

"You okay?"

With that, Lili crumpled under the kite, resting in the grass. Haste was now pointless, she realized, as she had already been spotted. She lay down, attempting to catch her breath for a moment, then tried to move the kite off of her. Newly composed, vacating the kite's underside was a much easier task for Lili than it had been when she was panicked. She was able to lift it with relative ease, despite her less than ideal physique. As she lifted her kite off of herself, a gust of wind caught it and took it out of her hands, blowing it to rest in the grass under the tree's shadow. With the matter of the kite sorted, Lili turned and searched for the direction of the voice she heard just moments prior.

Sitting in the grass not too far away was a girl with a sketchbook in her lap, eyes looking in Lili's direction. The girl's facial features were not particularly familiar, but Lili quietly made note that she was taller and bigger than her. She was wearing a tank top and shorts, boyish clothing, which let Lili ease up and breath a little. "At least she's not one of the snooty popular girls," Lili thought to herself as she took another moment to look the girl over. As far as clothing went, the two wore similarly casual attire, but apart from that Lili could not find any way that she could be more different than the girl sitting before her. One thing was for certain: this girl was the source of the voice Lili had just heard.

Now Lili's eyes turned downwards, looking at the girl's sketchbook. Her fingers were wrapped around a pencil, and though it was hard to make out exactly what she was drawing, it was at least clear that she was making a rough sketch. Lili began to ponder whether or not the girl could've been drawing her, and decided that if so, she didn't appreciate being drawn without permission. Nevertheless, she began to speak with the assumption that the girl was drawing something else, and happened to be looking at Lili.

"Oh, hi there," Lili said, trying her best not to look foolish in front of the stranger. "Stuff like this happens all the time," She lied, as she sat up straighter and brushed grass strands off of her shoulder. "Nice weather out, huh?"
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