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((been a while, Cass Prince))

Without kidnapping a few toga-wearing men and handing them something sharp, it’d be hard to find a more classical subject for a painting than a girl flying a kite in a sunny park. No sundress, but her blue hoodie was a stylistic concession to the modern era, and it stuck out nicely amongst the surrounding greenery. Cass wished that they could get a closer look at the girl’s kite, but its flaming majesty would likely lose its impact without the context.

They couldn’t do this scene justice with just a pencil and paper. Cass focused on committing as much of the scene’s color to memory as they could whilst they sketched its broad details. They’d have to revisit it as soon as they got home, work with their proper tools before the image faded. Maybe that wouldn’t even be such a loss, after all, maybe reality would only be enhanced once the lines started to blur and colors melted together, painting everything with a dreamlike haze.

Sometimes, Cass felt like they lived in Liberty Park. Whenever they were feeling stressed, anxious, or empty they could find a quiet bench and become an automaton, mechanically transferring the surrounding world onto their sketchpad without thought until they felt like a human being again. This, however, was different. Today demanded their full, undivided attention.

Attention that was broken as the world (and the kite) came crashing down on Lili. That wouldn’t do. “You okay?” Cass instinctively called out, before immediately regretting making their presence known. Though Cass vaguely recognized Lili as an underclassman, they had never really spoken, and Cass could only imagine how disconcerting it’d feel to have a stranger draw you. Their sketchbook was open on their lap, but it’d be even worse if Cass tried to hide it now. Hopefully she wouldn’t come over, hopefully she wouldn’t ask any pointed questions.
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