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And there she was, smiling, with a single eyebrow raised. Will smiled back, his gaze trailing down her face, onto her snow-white dress, her legs and finally... "I never thought I'd see you wearing a pair of heels." She looked so uncomfortable in those it almost made him burst out laughing, and he was sure she'd see a faint smirk play across his lips. He took a few steps forward and gently kissed her on her forehead, before loosely picking up and holding her hand.

"We've got matching dress, what with me in white and you in white as well. Hell, at this point we might as well be snowmen." He paused, before adding "Well, snowman and woman. We share the same coloration at the very least..." He shifted uncomfortably, feeling stupidly awkward for wearing a bow tie with this suit. What if she realised? Then, he remembered; as much as he loved Rea, she could barley toast a piece of bread, let alone realise the different types of suit and how to properly accessorise them; he was in the clear.

He turned, still holding her hand, and looked out onto the gym. The theme was space-related, and the faculty (and presumably whatever student body had been 'in charge' of the event,) had done a fairly decent job of transforming it from where the students expelled sweat, fat and tears into something that wouldn't look out of place if a 1960's B-movie flick was filmed in the hall.

Will fished in his pocket to find the packet of gum stashed in there, knowing that his father would be mortified if he found out what the pockets were being used for. Popping a piece in his mouth, he listened to the opening bars of I've Got You Under My Skin play, and offered an arm to Rea. "Shall we?"
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