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Brendan had just stood there for a while. He just watched Maxim walk away and he wished he could have stopped him. Maybe try to talk it out. But what could he have said? Brendan wasn't good at conversations. He and Maxim just needed some space. He had decided on that already himself. But he still felt awful. He couldn't bare losing Maxim as a friend. He wished he could take back the kiss. But it was too late now.

Then he thought of Alba who was still waiting for them to come back. He couldn't tell her about what happened here. He didn't want to ruin her night. So he had to pretend that everything was alright. Nothing happened....

Brendan felt a bit hurt but he knew that was normal to feel. He didn't want to feel down. He turned to look at himself in the mirror. Just smile. He forced a small smile on his face and then he left to go back to where Alba was. His heart was feeling heavy as he approached the table, sitting down beside her.

"Hey, Alba. I'm back. Maxim couldn't stay long because he wanted to go home." Brendan said as casually as he could. He also felt a little guilty as Alba is his date. "Sorry to keep you waiting. So how are you liking the dance so far?"
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