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(((Rea Adams, Sadie Hawkins start)))

So. A dress. On her.

Who the hell even was Sadie Hawkins? Some famous woman in history, she guessed, kinda like that one they put on the bizarre paper notes they had here. Whoever she was, she was responsible for one of the few times Rea had worn a dress and makeup. "She cleans up nicely", people would say. The hell did that mean? And whatever happened to having natural beauty? Why couldn't she be attractive in a large coat, and long pants, and shoes that weren't at 45 bloody degrees?

But those were questions for later. Right now, she had the man of her dreams to go and stand around awkwardly with for the next few hours. Sure, the movies that came out of this country painted school dances as magical places where love blossomed, but she'd learnt from the few she'd been to that this was never the case. Well, at least not for her, anyway.

The dress she wore was a pale white, and plain. Kinda short, too. Either that was a side effect of her height, or its designer really wanted to show off her legs. Whatever the case, her butler at least thought she looked stunning.

She casually strolled up to Will, her date for the night, looked him in the eye, and simply smiled at him, raising an eyebrow while doing so.
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