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After Ben's Oscar-winning monologue, silence enveloped the pair. It was just them, standing there by themselves, alone in a deserted school.

The Dwarf and the Giant.

The Soldier and the Healer.

The Boy and the Girl.

After years of sycophancy, pretentiousness and snobbery, surrounded by wealth, and wealthy people, taught that those below them were scum that didn't study well enough at school, or didn't work hard enough, or were just slackers that smoked pot all day and sat around on welfare all day or whatever.

And then here comes this random kid, this guy that she'd never seen before, some bloke who'd got out of an ancient Honda, and had lived here all his life.

His name was Ben fields. He said the most real thing she'd ever heard. Not sycophancy, not pretentiousness. Real. It broke through to her.

Sure, to most other people who hadn't spent their life as virtual royalty, this may not have been the most amazing thing anyone has ever said. Kind of underwhelming, by most standards.

But to Rea, it was powerful. It cut right through everything she had ever learned like a scalpel.

So these were going to be the type of people she'd spend the rest of her school life with. Sure, they may be a bit rough around the edges, but she could get over that.

This place wasn't going to be that bad after all.

She could live with this.

((And so after that overreaction to something that wasn't all that powerful, Rea is continued in International Relations))
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