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Huh. Now there was a surprise, yup. Had just asked outta the blue, didn't even expect to get some sorta real answer, just wanted to kinda change the mood - or do something, wasn't even sure what he had hoped to accomplish in hindsight. But lo and behold! - the chick actually had done karaoke before. Like, damn, last thing he expected, really, girl sure didn't look like it. Learned something new every day, so he did

"Wow, really? That's awesome, like, really neat!" He hadn't even heard her question after, if they were gonna start or not. Had been too busy getting a handle on things, process that one fact that seemed so unreal to him, straight up surreal. His relaxed smile had returned to his features, best way to show mouth hygiene was on top of his priority list.

"Done it in town before? My pal Fergie and me - not his real name, full name's Jerry Ferguson, in case ya know him - we go to some local bar every weekend, get our groove on, you follow me? Place's called Canyon 66, would recommend if ya haven't been there yet! Maybe take some of your pals and girls with you, yeah, should definitely do that, to be sure."

He didn't notice it, but his eyes had acquired that certain gleam, brimming with enthusiasm. Was super excited just talking about that joint, so he was. Long time since he had met anyone who gave a shiny shit about that kinda stuff, awesome, like, for real! Had to watch himself though, stay on earth, felt like he was about to take off like Apollo 13 or something. Was that the one that got fucked up real bad? Couldn't remember.

"So yeah, sorry about me gettin' all stoked n' ecstatic here, just really love talkin' bout that stuff, y'know?" He scratched the back of his head, showcasing a somewhat goofy smile. "So anyway, you just said something, didn't catch that. Mind repeatin' for ol' Beaks here?"
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