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Rorick Skyve
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Every muscle in his body was frozen for a moment. Didn't move, just stared at the piece of shit there right in front of him, chest hurtin', felt like he was gonna fuckin' melt. It was like he took a sec to realize what the fuck the guy had just said. Like he couldn't believe it, couldn't believe this dude was the single biggest motherfuckin' ass-munchin' asshat he had ever met in his entire life.

Still silence. Silence before the goddamn storm. He was gonna get this fucker, get him good. Fuck the school, fuck everybody, only teachin' that lowlife the lesson of his pathetic worthless fuckin' life was gonna matter. He could hear himself breathin'. Pumpin'. Like he was gonna explode, literally, fucking splatter everything with blood. Was still gonna happen. Right now. Had given that fuckin' fuck enough chances, so he had. End of the motherfuckin' line.

Fuckin' payback.

"Have it your fucking way, you son of a bitch." Wasn't even yelling. Speakin' through his fuckin' teeth. Wild animal, about to go berserk. It was only right. Felt so fuckin' right. Fuck. Fuck.

Aiden jumped forward, used the bench he had sat on just seconds ago like a spring board, arms stretched out, aiming for that fucker's neck. He was practically launching at him, straight across the table, fuckin' cheetah in attack mode, ready to maul the prick, maim that fuckface.

He opened his mouth to press out an anguished yell and then he felt the impact.
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