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((Will McKinley Sadie Hawkins Start))

Will hated tailored suits. Don't get him wrong, they were nearly always very expensive, excellent quality and very stylish, but the downside was that, well, they were tailored. Designed specifically to fit your body type as and when they were ordered. The suit he was wearing, a gorgeous white three-piece that had been in mothballs for quite a while now, whilst an excellent cut, reminded him painfully of all the ways his body had grown and adjusted in the months since if had come out of the packaging. That was to say, it pinched in all the wrong places.

He walked into the hall that the Sadie Hawkins was set in, and was struck by how small it was compared to what he was used to from his childhood. Then again, his childhood was one where a trip to the Albert Hall was considered suitable entertainment for a six year old, (spoiler alert, even for someone brought up to like classical music, it was stil incredibly dull) so he wasn't exactly in a situation to judge.

Of course, neither was Rea, wherever she was. Unlike most dates, Rea was insistent on going by herself, although how much that was to allay her parents Will would never know. Will uncomfortably shifted in the suit, and a hand absentmindedly twisted one of his cufflinks this way and that.Calm down, he thought to himself; you're probably just a little early and she hasn't made it yet is all. Or, at least, he hoped so. He would never forgive himself if something happened to that girl.
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