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Alice had encountered Bradley before, but only in passing. She found his appearance to be unusually unsuited to the horrible things she'd heard he'd done. He was, really, rather ordinary-looking, save for his completely noxious style of dress. But he was, essentially, everything unpleasant she could find in a person, especially so really, since he acted that way, apparently, on purpose.

Alice tried to conceal her distress at his incredible slobbishness. She'd been having a perfectly nice conversation without him, and now she couldn't continue it. What's more, because of Bradley's position, it would be physically challenging to slip past him without awkward contact.

Georgia Lee seemed to intend to continue the talk. Perhaps she thought Bradley would grow bored of being ignored and leave. It was possible, so worth a try.

"I'm doing okay. The year's been hard, but I think it'll go well next year." Alice stumbled over her words, insecure in her statements. She kept glancing at Bradley, at his smarmy expression. She felt like he was looking at her, oppressing her, ready to make a crude joke about her appearance or sexual behavior. That last bit worried her; she wasn't sure what be worse, being accused of celibacy (true, but relatively mild) or of deviancy or promiscuity (false, but mortifying).

Really, Alice wished he'd just leave them alone. She gazed down at her lap, trying to find more to say to keep him from interrupting.
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