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Say what you will about Bradley, but the guy had an unflappable collected ease around him. He didn't balk from confrontation or back down from what he believed in and, less admirably, what he found funny. He moved back only an inch, the barest concession to reflexes, at Beaks's agitation. Aiden was, as always, giving him much in the way of plentiful ammunition. He could have had a field day with the word 'wanker' alone - such a cute and coy word, which also happened to be one that, hell, Bradley had just agreed with, and a narrative that Aiden's sister fit perfectly into.

But no, he was a precision comedian, and would seize upon one sentence in particular.

"I'm a motherfucker?"

He loved being called that word. Was always super-easy to twist, to turn back on his opponent's head, to use its literal meaning as fodder for some other joke. And it flowed perfectly from the conversation they had been having.

"I mean, a picture of your mother would suffice. Although, nah, a picture of your sister would be so much more useful."

In hindsight, Bradley had no idea how old Beaks's sister was. Shoulda asked about that first. Ah well.
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