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Aiden gave her a quick salute in response, was his duty to protect and serve, after all. "Got it. Dry Martini comin' up!" Standing on one leg, he whirled around, snatching a cup from the kitchen counter with one hand and immediately activating the ice maker with the other. Flash had nothing on him, to be sure.

Wasn't surprised though. Was kinda frosty, that one, 'course she was going for the ice. Damn, he was reaaally tempted to make some ice puns right then and there, opportunity like that wouldn't come again that soon. Had to have some sorta self-control though, wasn't gonna sink that low. Not today, at least. Maybe after she left, just open his phone and send Fergie or Danny or Johnny or some dude tons o' shitty puns. Give 'em pun-demonium. Yup, there was a plan.

He turned around to Georgia Lee, glass in hand, water and iceberg included. Wouldn't be able to complain he wasn't being a good host, at least. But like, she was gettin' paid either way, so not like she had much of a right to do the complainies anyway. Eh, as long as she was a decent enough teach, which was kinda very likely, all was abso-positively-lutely fine, so it was.

"There ya go." He set down the water on the kitchen table, pointing at the chair in front of him. "You can go ahead and sit down over at the table, 'less ya prefer sittin' at the counter starin' at our knife block, I hear it qualifies as modern art." He let out a short laugh, then scratched the back of his head, almost wearing a sort of guilty look. "No offense, just me kiddin' around a bit, you follow me? Free to pick one of These chairs, is what I'm sayin'."

He walked around the table, examining the utensils she had just put on the counter. Colorful at least, 'least she didn't stick with an all-out grey style. Eh, he was bein' kinda petty here, actin' like Lee Lee was bein' a complete she-goat or something. Funsies were simply not her style, had to live with that. Shiggedy shame, but nothin' he could do about it.

Carefully, he picked everything up and transferred it onto the table, watchin' not to knock over his teach's water in the process. When he was finished, he looked up at her again, second of awkward silence passin'.
"So yeah, knock yourself out. Can start if ya want." Or could they? Went kinda quick, all things considered. No proper talking, not even small talk, nothing. Like- not what she was here for, sure, but still seemed like a missed opportunity. They had plenty o' time to waste, after all. Almost a little too much.

He absent-mindedly stared at the wall for a second. Just something to chat about for a bit, no harm in that. What though? Love life was outta the question, of course, not like he even considered asking about it anyway. So like...to hell with it, he was just going to say the first thing that came to his mind, so he was. Best results always came from the worst ideas. Or so he'd heard.

"Yo, lemme ask, you ever done karaoke before?"
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